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In 2015, Equity-League Funds started the process of updating and improving our communications channels with the goal of creating a more member-friendly website that would make the process of accessing important health and financial forms, registering, and making payments (among many other things), a much more seamless and simple process for our members.

“One of Equity-League Fund’s main organizational goals for 2016, is to improve the way we communicate with members, and also improve our members’ ability to communicate with us,” said Arthur Drechsler, Executive Director, Equity-League Funds. “Redesigning our website with the user in mind, was an important step in our ability to better serve our members, as is the addition of a blog and social media channels. We hope the new website, blog, and social channels will provide an improved and more robust, interactive, resource-rich experience for all of our valued members.”

This blog, along with our newly launched Facebook and Twitter pages, will be a place where you’ll find important information regarding your benefits, but it will also be a space where we explore topics that can improve our lives such as health and wellness, and financial education, tips and best practices. We’ll also be adding Q & A’s with fellow members on what they are doing to grow and thrive, and achieve their best life.

Please also come join us on Facebook and Twitter.

We want to hear more from you on any topics you want us to highlight in the blog or over on our social channels. So let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see us explore!

With gratitude,
The Equity-League Team