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Benefits Explained

What is the Equity-League Health Plan?

The Equity-League Health Plan offers six months medical, dental and vision benefits to Actors’ Equity members who accumulate at least 11 weeks of work across a 12 calendar month period (12 months of coverage if you worked 19 weeks in 12 calendar months). Supplementary workers compensation benefits are also available, unlike other health benefits, these benefits begin with the commencement of covered employment.

Medical benefits include coverage of hospital, medical and prescription drugs, with richer benefits if you go to health care providers who are in CIGNA’s health care provider “network” (CIGNA is the Fund’s claims administrator (payer). However, very comprehensive coverage is also available if you use non-network providers.

In certain areas of the country, you can choose coverage through an HMO, instead of the CIGNA plan. In HMO plans, you must generally use only providers who are in the HMO’s network, and you must sign up with a primary care physician in the HMO’s network. That physician provides referrals to specialists.

As long as you are qualified for coverage through employment, you are required to contribute $100 per quarter if you wish to have coverage for yourself in the medical benefit plan (CIGNA or HMO). Your dependents are also eligible, but you must pay the full cost of their coverage.

Vision care benefits are available to all who are enrolled in either the CIGNA plan or with an HMO. And there is no extra charge for these benefits.

Dental benefits are also available, through a CIGNA Dental HMO or a Dental PPO (in the latter you can use non-network providers). You must pay the full cost of these benefits. However, unlike the Fund’s medical benefits, dental benefits can continue even after you are no longer eligible for medical coverage through employment, as long as you continuously pay the required premiums for dental coverage.

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