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Cigna’s mail order program now includes thousands of retail pharmacies!

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The Equity-League Health Fund’s Cigna Plan has long required its participants to fill prescriptions for long-term drugs (taken for 90 days or more) with a single mail order pharmacy — Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy. But now Cigna has added thousands of retail pharmacies to its mail order program. Effective March 1, 2017, you will be able to obtain up to a 90-day supply of your maintenance drugs at selected retail pharmacies, in addition to supplies filled through Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy.


While 90-day prescriptions are still required for any medication on Cigna’s 90 NOW Maintenance Drug List, participants will soon be able to fill these prescriptions at any of the pharmacies listed below:

  • National retail pharmacy chains such as CVS, Target and Kroger
  • Local retail pharmacies in Cigna’s 90 NOW network (this includes 29,000 pharmacies nationwide, or almost half of Cigna’s total retail pharmacy network)
  • Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy

To learn if your local pharmacy is in Cigna’s 90 NOW pharmacy network, click here and then follow the instructions to search for your pharmacy. The list that appears will have a 90 day “icon” next to the name of every pharmacy that is in the Cigna 90 NOW network.

Lastly, remember that any time you are prescribed a new maintenance drug, you will need to ask your doctor for a 90-day prescription (as opposed to a standard 30-day prescription).