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Newsletter Archive

Summer 2015 Newsletter

Summer 2015 12 pages, PDF 640k


  • Your pension benefits are going up!
  • Health Plan improves
  • Premium payments now accepted via debit card and ACH transfer
  • John Hancock (formerly New York Life) became record keeper for 401(k) Fund
  • A new default beneficiary designation for former spouses
  • Quality Cost Incentive Plan (QCIP)
  • Health Premium Deadline reminder
  • The benefits of “going electronic”
  • Health Plan Summary Annual Report

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Fall 2014 4 pages, PDF 311k


  • Annual Health Fund Open Enrollment Period Occurs During November
  • Continued Improvements In Our Self-Service Modules
  • Reminder Regarding the Affordable Care Act
  • Retirement Benefit Book Update
  • Summary Annual Report for 401(K) Plan
  • Reminder That The Equity-League Benefit Funds and Actors’ Equity IT Systems Are Separate
  • Your Right To Request A Pension Benefit Statement
  •  The Women’s Health And Cancer Rights Act
  • HIPPA Privacy Notice

Summer 2014 Newsletter

Summer 2014 8 pages, PDF 420k


  • Now You Can Do Your Own Pension Estimates, Health Eligibility Checks and More—Online, Anytime, Anywhere!
  • The New “Retirement Benefit Book” of the Pension and 401(k) Funds
  • Our Updated Health Fund SPD . The Quality and Cost Incentive Program (QCIP) Is Enhanced Once Again
  • Changes in the Health Fund’s Self-Pay Program After COBRA
  • Changes in CIGNA’s Drug ID Cards

Fall 2013 Newsletter

Fall 2013 44 pages, PDF 1432k


  • Enhanced New Health Plan Eligibility Rules
  • How the New Eligibility Rules Will Speed up the Opportunity to Obtain Health Coverage
  • Applying Split Weeks Under the New Monthly Accumulation Period . Optional Monthly Electronic Health Billing and Eligibility Notification Via E-Mail —Available January 1, 2014
  • New Website Access for Checking Your Health Benefit, Eligibility, Health Payment Status and Contact Information Online
  • Annual Health Open Enrollment Period for the Equity-League Health Plan begins November 1, 2013 and Ends November 30 (December 31 With a Penalty Payment)
  • Special Announcement Regarding Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Spouses
  • Important Reminder About the Woman’s Health and Cancer Right’s Act. HIPAA Privacy Notice
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Update — What Happens January 1, 2014?
  • Equity-League Health Plan Employee and Dependent Health Coverage Under the ACA
  • Self-Pay Coverage Compared to Options Available Under the ACA
  • Health Care Quality and Cost Incentive Pilot Plan (QCIP) Update
  • Changes in CIGNA Lab and Prescription Drug Provider Networks
  • Recent News Pertaining to a Meningitis Threat
  • Health Summary Annual Report
  • Important Reminder About Your Right to Request a Pension Benefit Statement
  • Pension Annual Funding Notice
  • 401(k) Fee Disclosure

Summer/Fall 2012 Newsletter

Summer/Fall 2012 24 pages, PDF 491k


  • Helping the Funds to “Go Green” Can Begin With this Newsletter
  • More Flexible Deadlines for Open Enrollment and Split Week Decisions
  • What Your Health Coverage Really Costs (It’s More Than 20 Weeks of Employer
  • Contributions Per Year)
  • Important Reminder About Your Right to Request a Pension Benefit Statement
  • We’ve Found More Than 300 Missing Pensioners — Please Help Us Find the Rest
  • Gold Envelopes Are for Premiums Only
  • How Medical Checklists Can Help to Keep You Safe
  • Medical Costs Often Have No Correlation with Quality
  • Important Reminder About the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act
  • CIGNA’s New “Super” Networks
  • HIPAA Privacy Notice
  • Can Help You Avoid Unnecessary Medical Procedures
  • New Benefit Administration System — Coming Soon to Your Fund Office
  • Health Fund Summary Annual Report (SAR)
  • 401(k) Fee Disclosure
  • Annual Funding Notice for Equity-League Pension Trust Fund

Fall 2011 Newsletter

Fall 2011 12 pages, PDF 642k


  • A Brief History of the Pension and Health Funds
  • Jeanna Belkin announces her retirement as an Equity-League Trustee for the Pension and Health Funds
  • November is Open Enrollment Month for the Health Fund
  • The Health Fund’s successful Mandatory Generic Drug Program is being expanded to include three new kinds of drugs
  • Health Fund Due Dates are Critical — But They Don’t Pertain Only to Paying Premiums
  • Security of Your Personal Information is a Priority for us and should be for you
  • “But I Didn’t Get a Bill” — Which Health Fund premiums are billed for and which are not?
  • ARRA COBRA Program Goes Away — But the NY State COBRA Subsidy Program is Re-affirmed— with a bonus
  • New Investment Options Available Under the 401(k) Fund — and an old one goes away
  • New Health Summary Plan Description (SPD) to be released before year’s end
  • Important reminder about the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act
  • HIPAA Privacy Notice
  • Your right to request a Pension Benefit Statement
  • Contacting the Fund Office — so many ways!

Spring 2011 Newsletter

Spring 2011 16 pages, PDF 268k

  • Taking the Annual Dollar Limits Off Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy and Nutritional Formulas
  • “I Want and Have a Right to Appeal!”
  • Dramatically Improved Flexibility in Timing Your 401(k) Distributions
  • The Penalty for Permitting Dental Coverage to Lapse
  • Elimination of the Set-Aside Fund
  • A Reminder About Critical Premium Due Dates – Don’t Lose your Health Coverage
  • Help Us Remind You that Your Premium is Due, Have the Credit Union Pay Automatically for You, or Pay in Advance to Avoid Losing Coverage
  • Reminder – Health Premiums are Not Refundable Once Coverage Commences
  • Equity-League Funds and Actors’ Equity Are Separate Entities
  • CIGNA Health Status Tool
  • Is Tai Chi for You?