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General Information on Retirement

Retirement Planning

The Equity-League Self Service Portal includes a pension planning function that enables you to project your pension under a wide variety of scenarios (e.g., retiring early, at normal age or late and how various beneficiary pensions affect your pension. The 401(k) Fund’s record keeper, John Hancock, offers a new website that includes a retirement planner that takes into account any benefits you may have earned under the Equity-League Pension Fund, Social Security and any 401(k) account you may have. . The Wall Street Journal published information on retirement planning. This link is to a January 2015 article that discusses various online resources for retirement planning.

CNN Money hosts a website with a great deal of business and finance information but this link specifically addresses “how much to save” question of retirement planning and within this page there are many links to other similar topics.

Forbes magazine has a website with considerable information on investing in general but retirement in particular.