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When Coverage Ends

COBRA continuation coverage overview

When your Equity-League Benefit Funds health coverage earned through employment ends, you may continue your benefits through self-paid COBRA coverage.

You can extend your benefits for up to 18 months through COBRA – and even longer in some cases.

This page provides an overview of COBRA continuation coverage. However, you should view the Notice of COBRA Continuation Rights for a complete description of your rights under COBRA. You may also refer to the Health Fund’s Summary Plan Description (SPD) and any modifying Plan changes since the publication of the SPD in November 2011, which have been communicated via Now Playing newsletters.

How does COBRA coverage differ from regular coverage – and what does it cost?

COBRA coverage provides the same benefits that you earned through employment. COBRA premiums for employee coverage are much higher than coverage when you are covered through employment. However, you may pay the premiums for COBRA coverage monthly. For a list of current premiums, click here.

Why are the COBRA premiums so much higher than regular premiums?

COBRA premiums are not reduced or supported by employer contributions. For residents of New York State, a subsidy is available to assist eligible participants with COBRA premiums. Visit this page to learn more about the New York State COBRA subsidy.

How long can I keep COBRA?

Generally, participants may remain on self-paid COBRA coverage for 18 months. Those who receive a disability award from the Social Security Administration may remain on COBRA for 29 months.

What could cause me to lose COBRA coverage early?

If you fail to pay the required monthly COBRA premium on time, your coverage will end. Once you lose the right to self-paid coverage, you cannot have coverage under the Health Fund again – unless you qualify under the Fund’s eligibility rules through covered employment.

What are my options after COBRA ends?

Once COBRA ends, you may be eligible for Health Fund’s Self-Pay Program After COBRA coverage. You may view more information about COBRA and post-COBRA here.

Where do I find the forms I need to enroll in COBRA coverage?

When you qualify for COBRA coverage, the Fund office will send you an enrollment package to the permanent address you have on file with the Fund. However, for access to all current forms, visit our Health forms page.

What if I have other questions?

If you have questions about COBRA continuation coverage, please refer to the full Notice of COBRA Continuation Rights or the Health Plan FAQs. Or contact the Equity-League Funds’ Health Department at (212) 869-9380 (New York City) or (800) 344-5220, and a representative will assist you.