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Quality and Cost Incentive Plan (QCIP)

The Quality and Cost Incentive Plan: Earn incentives for choosing high quality, low cost health care

With the Quality and Cost Incentive Plan (QCIP) offered to Cigna Plan participants , you can earn money simply by choosing higher quality, lower cost health care options. It’s a win-win!

The following procedures are eligible for the QCIP:

• Colonoscopies in your doctor’s office and/or under light sedation
• Certain orthopedic procedures:
• Total knee replacements
• Total hip replacements
• Disc and spinal surgeries

Using your QCIP credits
The Health Fund issues QCIP incentives as credits to a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) in your name. The amounts credited to your HRA may be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

• Paying Health Plan premiums
• Meeting your annual deductible
• Meeting coinsurance requirements, or
• Paying for health care expenses not covered by the Health Plan, including certain chiropractic services and home health care expenses.

You can view a complete list of items for which the incentives can be used here. Also, note that you may use any amounts credited to your HRA for up to four years .

Is the QCIP more about higher quality, or lower costs?
The QCIP is designed to both improve the quality of health care and lower costs – not to sacrifice one for the other. Research has shown the quality of medical care has little to do with amounts charged. Doctors and health care facilities who charge more than average do not necessarily provide better care than those who charge less. If fact, the opposite is often true.

Choosing Cigna-designated doctors and facilities to receive QCIP credit
If you’re planning to undergo one of the QCIP-eligible orthopedic procedures, consider having your surgery in one of Cigna’s Centers of Excellence (COE) facility by a Cigna Care Designation (CCD) surgeon to receive QCIP credit. You can search for COE-designated facilities and CCD-designated physicians at, as described on our QCIP FAQs page.

To learn more about the QCIP program, visit our dedicated FAQs page or call the Equity-League Fund Office at (212) 869-9380 or (800) 344-5220.