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Deferred Salary Agreement

401(k) Salary Deferral Agreement

401(k) Deferral Form

  1. Use this form for to defer pre-tax compensation to the Equity-League 401(k) Trust Fund. An actor/stage manager employed under any one of these contracts may use this form to defer pre-tax compensation to the Equity League 401(k) Trust Fund.
  2. The actor/stage manager must fill out the form.
  3. The employer and the actor/stage manager must sign the form. The salary deferral should go into effect as soon as applicable.
  4. The participant and the employer must retain copies of the form after it is filled out and signed. A third copy of the Deferred Salary Agreement must be filed with the Fund Office.

Equity-League Accounts Receivable Department

165 W 46 St, 14th Fl.

New York, NY 10036.


Contract Effective Date
Equity/League Production Contract June 25, 2001
Equity/Disney Theatrical Ventures, Inc. Production Contract
League of Resident Theatres (LORT) February 22, 2010
WCLO Contract May 31, 2010
Contract Effective Date
Off Broadway Contract October 1, 2002
COST Contract June 1, 2003
Special Production Contract June 28, 2004
White Christmas-Special Agreements August 29, 2004
City Center Encores-Special Agreement January 31, 2005
Menopause Special Agreements February 28, 2005
Mid-Size Theatres April 24, 2005
Chanhassen Dinner Theatres Chanhassen, MN May 30, 2005
Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre Indianapolis, IN
New Theatre Restaurant Overland Park, KS
Drury Lane Theatre Oakbrook, IL
Drury Lane Water Tower Chicago, IL
American Heartland Theatre Kansas City, MO
Marriott Theatre Lincolnshire, IL
Casino Contracts
(RMTA) Resident Musical Theatre Association June 7, 2005
Chicago Area Theatres CAT Contract June 27, 2005
Musical Stock and Unit Attractions MSUA Contract October 31, 2005
Outdoor Drama Contract December 26, 2005
TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) Contract
Business Theatre and Events Contract March 1, 2006
Second City Agreement (Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas) April 10, 2006
Children’s Theatre Company June 26, 2006
Bay Area Theatre (BAT) July 24, 2006
Ellis Island Foundations March 19, 2007
Lawrence Welk Resort Dinner Theatre May 21, 2007
Westchester Broadway Dinner Theatre May 28, 2007
Alhambra Dinner Theatre (Jacksonville, FL) May 28, 2007
City Center Summer Stars-Special Agreement June 11, 2007
(ANTC) Association of Non-Profit Theatre Companies August 6, 2007
Walt Disney World – Orlando, FL October 15, 2007
New Candlelight Dinner Theatre December 31, 2007
CORST February 25, 2008
Dora the Explorer-Special Agreement January 2, 2009
University/Resident Theatre (URTA) Agreement March 1, 2010
Cabaret Agreement October 17, 2011
(NEAT) New England Area Theatres Contract September 6, 2014.

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