401(k) Plan Overview

What you need to know

The 401(k) Plan helps you prepare for retirement. Some Actors’ Equity contracts require that employers contribute to the 401(k) Plan and/or allow you to contribute part of your wages. The Plan is administered by John Hancock Retirement Plan Services.

Saving with your 401(k)

Your 401(k) Plan can help you build savings through a combination of tax-deferred income and balanced investments. Then, once you turn 59½, or in certain emergencies, your 401(k) Plan can provide you with the monies you need for yourself and your loved ones.

How your 401(k) helps you save

You pay less in taxes today. By contributing pretax (tax-deferred) dollars to your 401(k), you reduce the income on which you pay federal and (in many states) state taxes. You’ll pay taxes on this income later, in retirement, when your tax rate may be lower.

Your 401(k) account balance can grow through interest, earnings on investments, and making contributions to the Plan.

Eligible contract types

You can participate in the 401(k) Plan if you work under any contract that permits salary deferrals and/or requires employer contributions to the Plan. The following lists of contract types show the type of contributions that can be made to the Plan. For the employer contribution amount specific to each contract, review the collective bargaining agreement for that contract.

Salary deferral and employer contributions
Contract Type

  • Equity/Disney Theatrical Ventures, Inc. Production Contract
  • Equity/League Touring Contract
  • Equity/League Production Contract
  • League of Resident Theatres (LORT)
  • WCLO Contract
Salary deferral only

Contract Type

  • Association of Non-Profit Theatre Companies (ANTC)
  • Bay Area Theatre (BAT)
  • Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre—Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Business Theatre and Events Contract
  • Cabaret Agreement
  • Casino Contracts
  • Chanhassen Dinner Theatres—Chanhassen, Minnesota
  • Chicago Area Theatres CAT Contract
  • Children’s Theatre Company
  • City Center Encores – Special Agreement
  • City Center Summer Stars – Special Agreement
  • COST Contract
  • Drury Lane Theatre—Oakbrook, Illinois
  • Drury Lane Water Tower — Chicago, Illinois
  • Ellis Island Foundations
  • Marriott Theatre—Lincolnshire, Illinois
  • Menopause Special Agreements
  • Mid-Size Theatres
  • Mini Contract
  • Musical Stock and Unit Attractions (MSUA) Contract
  • New England Area Theatres (NEAT) Contract
  • New Theatre Restaurant—Overland Park, Kansas
  • Off Broadway Contract
  • Outdoor Drama Contract
  • Resident Musical Theatre Association (RMTA)
  • Second City Agreement—Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas
  • Small Professional Theatre (SPT) Agreement
  • Special Production Contract
  • Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) Contract
  • University/Resident Theatre (URTA) Agreement
  • Walt Disney World—Orlando, Florida

To confirm 401(k) participation in an employment contract not listed, please contact the Fund Office.

401(k) Plan eligibility

You are eligible to participate in the 401(k) Plan if you work in covered employment under a collective bargaining agreement that allows salary deferrals or requires employer contributions to the 401(k) Plan.

You become a Plan participant and a 401(k) account is opened for you when either of the following conditions occurs:

  • You begin working under a collective bargaining agreement that requires employer contributions to the Plan.
  • You elect to defer a portion of your salary to the 401(k) Plan while working under a collective bargaining agreement that allows for salary deferrals.

The following contributions can be made to your account: employer contributions, salary deferrals (your contributions), and rollovers from other qualified retirement accounts.

For a list of contract types that require employer contributions, review the eligible contract types.

For details, review the Pension Plan and 401(k) Plan Summary Plan Description.


Equity-League Benefit Funds Office

(212) 869-9380
(800) 344-5220 (outside NYC)
Health Fax: (212) 869-3323
401(k) and Pension Fax: (212) 869-1824